Healthy Spine in 2024 – Here are 10 Tips!

12 Feb, 2024

There’s a reason why we have so many references to the spine, or backbone, in daily life as a central support system – our spines are literally integral to functioning as a human being. The spine is shaped like a gentle S-shape and balances the chest, neck, lower back, and pelvis to keep our entire body in alignment so that we can move, turn, twist, stand, sit, walk, and perform many other daily functions. The spine also works as a protective covering for the main conduit of our nervous system, the spinal cord, and for a few crucial organs as well. In order for the average person to stay healthy and active, and to lead pain-free lives, they must take care of their spine. Here are some tips on how to keep your spine healthy and limber to reduce the risk of present or future pain and injury. 

Tips For Spinal Health

  1. Keep a healthy weight for your frame: Putting your frame under more weight than it’s designed to handle can put unnecessary pressure on your spine, increasing the risk of injury and pain. Plus, being significantly overweight is also directly correlated to other medical conditions like heart disease and stroke that could further damage your health.
  2. Stretch regularly to strengthen the back: Regularly stretching your body is critical to achieving long-term success in managing and controlling spine-related pain and discomfort.
  3. Cut back on inflammatory foods: Reducing or eliminating inflammatory foods from your diet like dairy, refined sugar, and alcohol can help with long-term spine health. Choose antioxidant rich foods like leafy greens and fish in order to keep your spine and overall health at its optimal level.
  4. Quit smoking: We all know smoking is bad for us, but you might not know that nicotine is a vasoconstrictor. This means that it tightens the blood vessels and limits nutrition and oxygen to the spine, increasing degradation within the spine.
  5. Keep moving: Staying in one position puts your spine under undue stress. We often sit at our desks or lay on the couch for long periods at a time; try and take frequent breaks, even if it’s just taking a brief walk or getting up to stretch a little bit. This will help keep your back limber and flexible.
  6. Lift with proper form: Bending to lift a heavy load from the ground can strain your spine, so make sure to utilize the proper lifting technique- lift with your legs, bend your knees, and don’t use your back.
  7. Stand as much as you can: Sitting all the time makes it difficult to maintain neutral spine alignment, which can lead to poor spinal health. Standing frequently is better, so try a standing desk for work or sitting on a yoga ball for better posture, as it engages the core more.
  8. Swim: Water is buoyant and can alleviate pressure on the spine, so if you have any injuries that make it difficult for you to exercise, try water aerobics or swimming.
  9. Yoga: Yoga or pilates helps to stretch and strengthen the spine, helping to prevent future injuries
  10. Consult with your doctor: If you’re experiencing persistent pain or discomfort, seek help from your doctor. They may refer you to a specialist, who can help diagnose the root of your problems and prevent aggravating the issue.

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